At Mersch Consulting, we manufacture quality blended phosphates for use in drinking water treatment. Our water treatment chemicals are used for corrosion control to reduce lead and copper levels meeting the EPA standard of 15 ppb of lead and 1.3 ppm of copper.

We also provide products that are used to sequester (chemically tie up) iron and manganese, eliminating red and black water staining. These products are also used to sequester calcium and magnesium hardness by preventing the precipitation of these minerals.

Our consultative approach allows us to provide our customers with the correct product to meet their needs. Our technical expertise in water treatment gives our customers the ability to use the best product at the lowest dosage rates while achieving their desired results. This treatment approach offers you the best available technology for the treatment of drinking water, at the most cost effective means in the industry.

Mersch Consulting provides quality products and over 35 years of technical expertise in the water treatment industry. With this knowledge of the drinking water industry we are confident that we have the solutions for all your water treatment needs.

At Mersch Consulting, all of our products meet the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 60 for safe drinking water treatment chemicals. For a complete list of available products and services we offer, click here.